In a world with a fragile healthcare system, we at Bettr Health strive to improve. We want to take healthcare to the next level and believe in prevention and healthier behaviour stimulated by smart technology.

The sooner. The Bettr.

Nothing is as fragile as our health. Some have good health and others struggle with it. But more and more people are worried. Numerous publications show that we are running up against the limits of our healthcare system. Obvious things will not be able to remain obvious.

AIveryone knows things have to be different

The number of people needing care and support continues to grow steadily. There is a need for more appropriate and proactive care, prevention, and lifestyle behaviour change to cope with the growing demand for care. Everyone is aware of this, and as a result, healthcare in the Netherlands is at a crucial tipping point. Change is inevitable, with or without the establishment. Driven by technology and digitalisation.

Everyone wants it

It is not only healthcare specialists, hands on the bed or support in the district that are struggling with the increasing pressure of empowered patients, rise in the number of chronically ill and a growing number of vacancies. This also affects insurers who see costs ever increasing. Moreover, there is the paradox of the new ageing: people are getting older, but at the same time, everyone prefers to stay young – and for longer.

Renewing by connecting.

When it comes to technology and digitalisation, almost everything has already been thought of: there are countless platforms, (health) apps and smart sensors. Moreover, there is an abundance of data and new insights. What is needed now is integration as well as more scalability, to join forces with strategic collaborations. This can be achieved through existing and new evidence-based programmes smart sensors and a hybrid form of more digital and human coaching. This approach can, for instance, better and more efficiently monitor, motivate and guide the growing group of chronic patients and people with high risk profiles to improve their health in the broadest sense. That gauntlet must be picked up! Recently, the NZA released a report highlighting issues.

Recently, Bettr Health Group was established. There is a lot to do. We believe it can and should be even better. For healthcare consumers as well as professionals. And while not every change is an improvement, we believe that every improvement in health is profit. We are determined to do our part in this endeavour. The sooner, the Bettr.

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